Atlantic Trading

ATC is one of the renowed names in fruits and vegetable business in Doha Qatar.ATC is dedicated to providing high quality fresh fruits and vegetables to its loyal suppliers and customers. Commitment, modernization and faith are the pillars of ATC trading philosophy and management.

ATC is commitment to quality is firmly backed by rigorous quality control measures, state of the art transportation technologies, comprehensive observance to food safety programme and a pledge to the safety of our commitment and environment.

Why ATC ?

The quality of our produce stems from the roots of our relationship-from harvest to distribution; we partner and collaborate with our suppliers every step of the way. Recognized as pioneer's in providing fresh produce varieties to customers and retail and whole sale markets and setting high standards for food safety, our core strength comes from the high standards we set for ourselves. 'A standard our customers' have come to expect continuous service'.

Solid relationships with supplier's from all corners of this globe- USA, UK, Holtand, Australia, South Africa, China, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand all middle eastern countries:- ensure that our customers receive a seamless supply of their favorite produce regardless of the season. No request by our loyal customers will be turned down regardless of the urgency we have to satisfy.

Our History

For the last 17 years, ATC has built its reputation based on its dedication in providing high quality supply of fruits and vegetables. We are importing wide range of products from various parts of the world like India, Srilanka, Philip- pines, Jordan and Saudi Arabia every day. Our emphasis is to maintain the freshness and naturality of the product until reaching to the customers during the past 14 years. ATC has provided the citizen's and residents of Qatar with the finest and highest quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. ATC Business began to grow as soon as it was recognized as a renowned importer for fruits and vegetables in Qatar. To ATC brand name is easily synonymous with quality fruits and vegetables among retail and whole sale markets.ATC's continuous commitment to quality has paved a path in success, a path during the next coming years will see many more expansions.

Quality Control

Food safety is our number one priority. ATC's reputation based on its continuous commitment to quality and hygiene. We are dedicated to delivering on a quality promise. ATC uses only the first quality of fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of freshness. With various quality controls in place from field selection to delivery, we guarantee that all of our produce is of the highest quality. Strict in house quality policies are maintained to ensure that no substandard product is ever delivered. Our accountability system assures that we have proper control and that the fruits and vegetables we supply is always safe to eat and meets the highest quality standard demanded.

Our Mission

ATC is devoted to supplying our customers with finest high quality fruits and vegetables.

Our Philosophy

Commitment, modernization and faith are the pillars of ATC’s philosophy and management


We monitor the security all our produce at every transfer point- While at sea land or air during discharge, in storage and throughout the products ground voyage to its fianl destination.


ATC has a detailed distribution network that enables us to deliver to our customers on time, every time. To this end, ATC has its own fleet of transport (Both refrigerated and operational vehicles) so as to guarantee fresh, Safe and healthy delivery of all our fruits and vegetables.

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